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Abby Shreve, singer-songwriter with luscious vocals and incredible vibrato, is a breakout star from Kenosha, WI. Shreve has grown into a multi-faceted performer. Her influences range from classic rock artists such as Stevie Nicks and Freddie Mercury to current trailblazing songwriters such as Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. 

At the age of 15, Shreve auditioned for American Idol and successfully advanced past the first round. She placed in scholarship competitions throughout her teenage years in Southeast WI, and in 2016, toured Europe with a state-wide choir, being highlighted as the group’s female soloist. Abby has also sung the National Anthem for many sports groups such as the Milwaukee Bucks. In college, she earned a degree in Vocal Performance and Music Industry at UW-Oshkosh. She trained in both opera and musical theater, and received accolades in Wisconsin-wide Collegiate scholarship competitions as well as winning her university Music Department Honor Recital. Shreve also performed briefly in a hard rock band “Utopia Rising” throughout her college career.

Jill Pavel, Owner of Heart Songs Music Group says, "Abby takes you on a journey when she sings a song. She truly takes your breath away with her seamless segues from the verse, to the chorus, pre-chorus, and back. I have never worked with an artist who can navigate her way through several vocal delivery changes in one song.  It is just a joy to watch her bring her written vision to life on the microphone."

Her debut single “Misery” was released in September of 2022 and was featured by outlets such as the Academy of Country Music, Guitar Girl Magazine, and Medium. Most recently she has relocated to Atlanta, GA to begin interning at one of the most prestigious studios in the country: Tree Sound Studios.  Overall, Shreve aspires to prove that an artist shouldn’t be boxed into one genre and hopes her passion for music is reflected.

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